Conference Themes

CIKM 2008 topics are in the broad areas of Databases, Information Retrieval, and Knowledge Management. CIKM 2008 also includes an Industry track. Each area is organized into tracks:


  • Access methods and indexing
  • Authorization, data privacy and security
  • Concurrency control and recovery
  • Data adaptability, reusability and quality
  • Database languages and models
  • Information integration, data provenance, probabilistic databases
  • Mobile databases and distributed data management
  • Peer-to-peer, parallel and distributed databases
  • Query processing, optimization and performance
  • Real-time and active databases
  • Scientific and biological databases
  • Semantic Web
  • Semi-structured data processing, XML filtering and routing
  • Stream-based processing and network databases
  • String Databases, Blogs and Social Search
  • Systems, middleware, applications and experiences
  • Temporal, spatial and multimedia databases
  • User experience: languages, models, interfaces
  • Information Retrieval:

  • Citation Analysis, Social Networks for IR
  • Domain-specific IR (e.g., Legal IR, Genome, Mobile IR, IR for chemical structures)
  • Filtering (e.g., Routing, Collaborative filtering, Topic tracking, Recommender systems)
  • Foundation of Information Retrieval (e.g., theory, ranking)
  • IR Architectures, Scalability and Efficiency
  • IR Evaluation
  • Language Specific IR (Multi-lingual, Cross-lingual, NLP, Question and Answer)
  • Machine Learning for IR
  • Multimedia IR (Audio, Speech, Video, Image)
  • Semi-Structured Information Retrieval
  • Distributed IR, Peer to Peer Search
  • User Modeling for IR, Search Personalization
  • Web Search, Advertising, Adversarial
  • Other topics related to IR (Privacy, Spam, Feature Engineering, et. al.)
  • Knowledge Management:

  • Advertising and Optimization
  • Classification and Clustering
  • Data pre- and post-Processing
  • Information Extraction
  • Information Filtering and Recommender Systems
  • Knowledge Synthesis and Visualization
  • Large-scale statistical techniques
  • Link and Graph Mining
  • Semantic Techniques
  • Temporal and Spatial data Mining
  • Text Mining
  • Industry track:

  • Industrial Practice and Experience
  • Technology for Developing Regions
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